• March 31, 2021

A Better Life, A Better World - Panasonic

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A Better Life, A Better World - Panasonic 

One of the most trusted brands in the world, Panasonic, is here to help you live a better life and to make a better world. For over 100 years, Panasonic has been striving to stay close to its consumers originating in Japan and now spreading all across the globe. Our dedication to research and development enables us to come up with a variety of features in our products and to ensure the highest quality. Many of our product features are trademarked and are unique to the brand. 

Purchasing Panasonic is an investment you will not regret. Let us be with you and become a part of your family. 

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With a range of single doors (with and without handle), two doors, and four doors option, the Panasonic refrigerator has a model suitable for every home. Our features like Ag Clean filters ensure that 99.9% of mold and bacteria are deactivated. Since the first model of our refrigerator came out in 1953, our goal has been to keep your food fresh and safe. 

Washing Machines

We understand how important clothes are. The array of features in Panasonic's washing machines ensure that your clothes are washed with a lot of care, as much as a real pair of hands would. With the Gentle Handwash feature, you can wash even delicate clothing wear that you’d previously hand wash or dry clean. Packed with superior technology, the Panasonic washing machine is an appliance you’re bound to fall in love with. 

Air Conditioner

As the problem of pollution persists in the modern world, fresh air becomes more valuable every day. Panasonic ACs come with a PM 2.5 filter that filters many dust particles to help you breathe fresher air. Among many other features, our ACs are efficient at energy-saving and provide you with instant cooling. 

Small Home Appliances 

Products for your home, made with the highest quality and technology, Panasonic’s small home appliances range from mixer grinders and rice cookers for your kitchen to irons and vacuum machines to serve your everyday necessities. Our products come in a variety of color options and functions to fit your needs. 

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Super Cool Scheme

Get an iron free with our one door refrigerators and a mixer grinder for your kitchen with our four door refrigerator.* 

Do not miss out. 

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