• June 30, 2021

ACs for Hospitals by Triveni Trade

  • Healthcare Solution

With Air Conditioners (AC) our life has become easy and comfortable. This ease and comfort is even more necessary in hospitals where patients need to receive the highest care and attention. Likewise, medical professionals also require a good environment where they can perform their activities. Maintaining air temperature for hospitals is necessary not just to make the environment comfortable, but might be crucial to treat specific diseases and conditions. 

At Triveni Trade, we have a wide range of air conditioners suitable for hospitals as per your need. Currently, we have four well known and established brands: Sansui, Yasuda, Panasonic, and Samsung. With different styles, features, and price ranges, you can choose the best fit for your facility.


Works smart, saves energy.

Samsung ACs are a perfect blend of premium features and cost-efficiency. We have Inverter AC and the VFR system from Samsung for your varied needs of air conditioning.



Get the best of technology with Panasonic air conditioners that ensure high quality and performance with a wide range of features. Panasonic ACs come with a special PM 2.5 filter to ensure that the air you breathe is healthier, along with a 1-year product warranty and 54 months compressor warranty. 


A trusted brand, Sansui ACs come with a wide range of categories to choose from. Sansui ACs have a 1-year product warranty and 3-5 years of compressor warranty depending on the product type.


Yasuda, an in-house brand of Triveni Trade, is suitable for all your AC needs at reasonable prices with a 1-year product warranty.

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