• March 31, 2021

Technology That Understands Your Clothes: Panasonic Washing Machine

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Clothes are much more than fabric stitched together. They help your personality shine through and make you feel more you. The technology embedded in Panasonic Washing Machine understands that clothes are more than what meets the eye. Our product comes with superior technology to ensure that your clothes are taken care of after you’ve placed them inside the tub. Our washing machines do not just automate a manual task but help you achieve much more than that. We are here to help you save time while taking good care of your clothes. 


Advanced features for a good wash 

A good wash that removes dirt, stain, and bacteria is the top priority. The Panasonic Washing Machine comes with many advanced features that ensure your clothes get a thorough wash.

The ActiveFoam System creates fine, high-density foam before each washing cycle. The fine foam sticks and penetrates dirt in fibers and then washes it away. 

With the StainMaster, you can press a button for easy, automatic removal of multiple stains and eliminate bacteria. The Aqua Tide pulsator with vertical water flow generates a scrub wash effect that acts as though the machine is scrubbing your clothes for better cleanliness and hygiene. Eco Aquabeat creates a strong splashing water flow that lifts and removes dirt from fiber. Tidal water agitation inside the tub prevents dirt from reattaching. 


Gentle on your sensitive and delicate clothes

Gentle Hand Wash feature allows you to machine wash your sensitive and delicate clothes that you would previously hand wash or send to the dry cleaners. One of the reasons why delicate clothes get damaged in the machine is because of the contact between clothes and the pulsator at the bottom. You can place the Gentle Hand Wash Net inside the tub to avoid this contact between your clothes and the pulsator. The strong rotation of the pulsator circulates water. Foam waster is then pushed through the cloth fibers. Our technology ensures that the machine is gentle on your delicate clothes as though taken care of by a real pair of hands. 

Multiple Savings 

Auto Restart function stops the machine as soon as there is a power cut. With this feature, the machine continues the washing from the point where power was lost instead of starting the course all over again. Auto Restart goes back to 2 minutes before the time when power was lost. This saves both time and energy. 

Intelligent sensors in Econavi can detect temperature, wash load amount, and laundry materials. Then it automatically sets the machine for optimal settings that had to be previously selected by the user. This feature thus, saves water, energy, and time. It doesn’t matter whether you have more laundries or a little less, let the intelligent sensors help you get the best. 

Additional user-friendly features

Apart from having the best features for your clothes, we also have many more features for you, the user. The Panasonic washing machine comes with the anti tangling function so that you can spend your valuable time doing more things that matter to you. Our machines come with flat surfaces that are easy to clean. Our big lint filter is one of the best in the industry and can hold a large amount of lint. Hard to remove lint can be easily washed away with water. 

Price range

Our washing machine comes in a variety of price ranges with different colors, models, and features. Our range ensures that you can pick the most suitable design and model for your clothes and lifestyle. Starting from Rs. 37,779/- and going up to Rs. 68,590/-, you can find the most suitable washing machine that fits both your needs and budget. 


Get your Panasonic Washing Machine today. 


Please visit the nearest Panasonic store or call us for details about the features in each specific model and prices. 

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