• December 31, 2020

Curious about the work culture at Triveni Trade? We have the answers.

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Curious about the work culture at Triveni Trade? We have the answers. 

You spend 8 hours per day at your workplace, which adds up to about 1952 hours in a year. If you work for 20 years, that’s 39,040 hours! Now, that’s a lot of time. The most important thing about this time is to spend it at a place that is a good fit for you. The company culture plays a major role in finding a good fit for you and the organization. 

Work culture is a complex system made up of many components that weave into each other. This web brings out the final flavor of the organization. There are many threads to this web at Triveni Trade. 

1. Our Values

At Triveni Trade, we want to make sure that the time you spend with us is valuable for both you and the organization. We have three core values that drive us. 

  • We Before I

We value teamwork and the spirit of We before I. Without teams, only so little can be achieved. You will find strong interdepartmental cooperation here where colleges stand for each other. We respect how each of us is a unique and essential part of the organization. 

  • Empowerment is the Result

We strongly believe that when we empower our members, the results come as a by-product. Our leaders and team members are entrusted with the responsibility and authority to bring about the results they have envisioned. 

  • Change is the only Constant

With a history of 100 years, we have evolved through time to realize that change is the only constant. Innovation and adaptability have remained at the core of our vision. With the changing times in focus, we introduced a high performing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in 2018. We also understand that strategic changes are needed to address the evolving needs of the market. Thus in 2019, we introduced a sub-dealer distribution network to facilitate communication and ease of supply. To add more value to this network, we introduced the Triveni Sales Management App for retailer management in 2020. 

2. Career Advancement Opportunities

At Triveni Trade, you will find ample opportunities to advance your career. We understand that moving forward is an essential factor for all of our team members. We have regular assessments where our members receive feedback and an opportunity to better their performance. We have a yearly performance appraisal system to reward deserving members. There are other opportunities to develop additional skills through training in software like Excel. We understand the possibility of stagnancy and its impact on both the team members and the organization. To curb stagnancy and to facilitate the longitudinal and latitudinal growth of our members, we shuffle internal positions at different time intervals. 

3. Team Appreciation

We understand that appreciation is essential to motivate and celebrate team members who are giving their best. We have many team appreciation awards like Employee of the month, incentives for sales achievement, many sales-related awards, leadership awards. As part of our values, we believe that teamwork drives the company. Our company profits are because of our team members and guided by this belief, we are one of the very few private companies in Nepal who distribute a profit bonus to our team members.

4. Beyond Work 

Spending many hours together builds a connection that goes beyond the formality of work. We value this bond among our team. We organize many networking and interaction events in settings beyond work, where there are no formal hierarchical boundaries. Birthday parties to celebrate the special day of our members, a fun-filled annual general meeting, and festival gatherings are some of the activities that we regularly organize to strengthen our bond as a family. 

.5. Organization-Team Member Compatibility

At Triveni Trade, we have diverse opportunities so that you can grow and develop yourself. We understand that a work culture fit is essential for the holistic growth of our members. Over the years, we have noticed some qualities in our members who have thrived and bettered themselves while also setting new standards for the organization. 

As a sales-driven organization of appliances, members who are interested and passionate about sales and it’s related fields have found a lot of opportunities to explore here. Proactive, interactive, and self-driven members tend to excel well in our environment. If you are eager to explore the organization and find your own space, you will find many opportunities waiting for you. 

Our work culture is constantly evolving as we strive to be better. While we embrace new developments, our core values of teamwork, empowerment, and change remain the same. Our goal is to help you find a better fit so that we can flourish together. 

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