• March 31, 2023


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Having an air conditioned home or office is no longer a luxury, in fact it is now a necessity. With the changes in weather and outdoor conditions, air conditioned houses and offices are comfortable and fresh to be in.

And when you are feeling comfortable and fresh you are likely to be happier, more productive, and satisfied. If you are considering getting an Air conditioner for your home or office, Yasuda offers two specific inverter ACs to fit your needs.

Here are 7 things you need to know about ACs by Yasuda to make your purchase more informed and easy.

Electricity Consumption

Inverter ACs by Yasuda consume less electricity as compared to normal ACs. This reduces the cost of electricity in the long run with low electricity bills. Likewise, saving on electricity usage also reduces some burden from the environment.

The 1 ton AC by Yasuda consumes 1.09 units per hour with a power consumption of 1095 watt. The 1.5 ton AC consumes 1.64 units per hour with a power consumption of 1643 watt.

Inverter ACs by Yasuda also run on super low voltage and require no separate stabilizer. The voltage ranges from about 150 to 264V and the AC starts operating at a super low voltage of 135V.

Maximum Temperature

Inverter ACs by Yasuda have a stable operation till 50 degrees celsius outdoor temperature. This upper limit allows the AC to be used even in some of the hottest regions in Nepal, like Terai.

Double 3-in-one Healthy Filter

With the rise in air pollution, it is no surprise that our average lifespan is falling and various air borne diseases are on the rise. ACs can help reduce some of these harmful effects.

Yasuda Inverter ACs come with a double 3-in-one Healthy Filter. The left 3-in-one Healthy Filter consists of Catechin Filter, Silver Ion Filter and HEPA Filter. The Catechin Filter helps in bacteria prevention and also keeps unpleasant odours at bay. The Silver Ion Filter releases Silver Icons to sterilize bacteria in the air. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter is a mechanical air filter that works by forcing air through a fine mesh. It traps harmful particles like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, etc.

The right 3-in-one Healthy Filter consists of Active Carbon Filter, Vitamin C Filter and Anti Mite Filter. The active carbon filter filters out carbon while the anti mite filter filters mites often found in pets, plants, stored food, etc which is often a carrier of diseases. The vitamin c filter ensures that the air flow moisturises your skin and prevents it from drying.

5 Star Rating

Yasuda ACs come with 5 Star Rating. Both the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and the Coefficient of Performance (COP) are more than 3 with an EER of 3.21 and COP of 3.61 respectively. Having an individual rating of 3 plus, gives Yasuda ACs the credibility of 5 Star Rating. With a higher EER and COP, the appliances are more energy efficient and also save electricity.


At Yasuda, we understand that the peace of mind for our consumer is of top priority. Thus, we aim to deliver the best we can. And for your assurance, Yasuda Inverter ACs come with a 1 year product warranty. The air compressor has a 3 year warranty.

Complimentary Copper Wire

A 5 meter complimentary copper wire is provided with Yasuda ACs that connects the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

Coverage all over Nepal

The technicians of Yasuda are available all over Nepal. If your AC faces any problem, we are not very far away from you. With good coverage of experts, we can ensure that you do not have to go long without having your appliance fixed in case of any issue.

Zero Complains

With best quality ACs at the given price, the team at Yasuda are dedicated to serving you. We have received zero complaints from the previous year for our ACs. Our customers are satisfied and we shall continue to serve you at the best of our abilities.

Yasuda has quality air conditioners at reasonable prices fit for the Nepali market. Why don’t you pick your choice today? (Link to AC site)

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