Amulet Felicia

The AMULET digital mammography system by FUJIFILM provides pixel pitch of 50µm, the world's smallest from a Direct-conversion FPD system


  • The world's smallest pixel pitch of 50µm*,
    the first in a Direct-conversion FPD system
  • Exclusive new FUJIFILM technology: Direct Optical Switching
  • Specially designed AWS offers a more effective environment for mammography examination
  • FPD has 2 size variation. 18 x 24 cm, 24 x 30 cm



AWS Optimized workflow

  • Integrated X-ray control allows settings and confirmation of imaging conditions on one screen
  • Portrait-type monitor enhances both image viewing and operability
  • Examination screen can be split and switched between 1, 2, or 4 sections
  • Automatic & manual left/right image position adjustment
  • Density and contrast can be adjusted with both left/right images
  • Supports DICOM Ver. 3
  • Referral Image (from PACS) Viewing function and Precise Enlargement function with Dual monitor system

Higher Image quality achieved using our proven FCR imaging technology

  • AMULET uses the mammography image processing technology from our proven FCR system. It provides high quality images that enhance visualization of the mammary tissue and greater detail of abnormal areas. Thus, AMULET helps ease the diagnostic process.

AMULET works with FUJIFILM mammography QC tools (optional).

3D Mammography Viewer (optional) New

Fujifilm's 3D mammography creates 3D images by using two high resolution images taken from different angles. One of these images is a conventional 2D image. The images are presented on a special viewer. 3D images enable the internal anatomical breast structures to be identified more clearly than in a 2D image due to tissue separation and microcalcifications stratification. With this system, it is expected that image interpretation is as quick or even quicker than 2D mammography and false positives are reduced.


  • Easy and Accurate positioning of patients
  • Ergonomically designed arm rests and disposable soft pads that help to make patients more comfortable
  • Review of previous examination by Referral Image Viewing function (Optional)

Targeting Support functions with High resolution Dual display system

  • Targeting Guide functions on stereo images
  • Various image processing to make targeting accurate and easy

Various in-built Safety Functions

  • Warning indications of needle depth within the breast
  • A diagram that shows target position on the display screen

Lateral approach New

By attaching the lateral adapter, puncture can be performed not only vertically but also laterally to the compressed breast. Two puncture directions are now available, enabling wider application of mammographic needle biopsy.

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