Forbes Coronaguard Powered By SHYCOCAN

Inactivates Corona family of viruses…


Corona Family of Virus : Tested with Avian coronavirus at IIT Guwahati – Air Disinfection efficiency : 100%*

Phylogenetically similar surrogate : Tested with Equine arteritis virus which belongs to same order (Nidovirales) at LEI, Mexico – Disinfection efficiency : 99.9%*

More Resistant surrogate Virus as per USEPA : Tested with MS2 Phage at IAPMO, Aquadiagnostics – Disinfection efficiency : 99.99%*

* The summary and any comments herein are based on the results from an independent laboratory studies performed under controlled test conditions.

Key Features
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    Easy to Instal
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    Plug and Play Device
No chemicals, no odour and no stains
No side effects
Does not interfere with other electronic devices
Real-time protection



Coronaguard is a revolutionary virulence prevention device that attenuates & disables 99.9% of corona family of viruses and prevents it’s spread in the enclosed spaces.

How does it work? 

The innovative technology ‘physically attenuates’ the homing mechanism on the virus and prevents infectivity. The technology is based on well-known principles of physics “Photon Mediated Electron Emission” (PMEE) that disables the S protein in the virus so that it cannot attach itself to human cells, thus preventing the infectivity.

Does it Kill Coronavirus? 

FORBES CORONAGUARD POWERED BY SHYCOCAN attenuates the corona family of viruses. It simply disables it, from attaching and infecting the host cells.

How many hours should I keep it on? What is the electricity consumption? 

The device is designed for continuous use, it is recommended to be ON for continuous protection. The power consumption is 30 W.

Does it use any chemicals? 

The CORONAGUARD does not use any chemicals. It does not ionize the air nor does it produce any ozone.

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