FDR SE lite

New digital radiography detector design eliminates traditional, fragile glass substrate from the capture layer.

Model: Mars1417XF-CSI / Mars1717XF-CSI

  1. Panel Size: 14”x17” (Mars1417XF-CSI) / 17”x17” (Mars1717XF-CSI)
  2. Scintillator: CsI (Cesium Iodide)
  3. Wireless Mode
  4. Weight: Only 3.2 kg (Mars1417XF-CSI) / 3.8 kg (Mars1717XF-CSI)
  5. Thickness: Only 15 mm
  6. AD Conversion: 16 bit
  7. Pixel Size: 150 µm
  8. FUJIFILM ISS technology provides High Sharpness Image at Low Doses


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