• March 31, 2021

A Fridge for Every Home Since 1953

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Whether you have a large family with generations living together or a small one, whether you are sharing a flat with your friends or staying by yourself, there’s a Panasonic refrigerator suitable for every home. Our refrigerators come in 4 different options: four-door (DZ series), two-door (BG series), single door with handle, and single door without-handle. Our refrigerators come with a wide range of functions and features that will enhance your smart lives. 


Advanced energy-saving by predicting usage time

The Ecovani feature (DZ and BG series) predicts usage time and provides precise power switching that reduces electricity consumption by up to 10%. The intelligent sensors can predict when the refrigerator will be in high use-during the morning/evening and when there will be low usage-during the day. Accordingly, the system provides energy-saving during the low use time. The sensors also predict when you’ll be back home and start its full operation as you get ready to cook your meals and make more use of the fridge. 


Moderated cooling through Smart Eco and Night Eco

The Econavi feature also comes with Smart Eco and Night Eco that further supports energy saving. The system provides maximum cooling during high usage time and reduces cooling during less usage time. Furthermore, this feature automatically uses decreased power when lights are switched off. 


Spacious interior with and stylish exterior

Our refrigerators have the biggest vegetable box size in the industry. You do not need to worry about leaving your favorite fruits and vegetables due to cramped space. Also, the vegetable case is center-positioned which makes the search for your ingredients easier. The interiors are fully transparent to add more function and style. 

We have a wide range of colors and styles with four different fridge options. Our floral exterior, available in various shades and models, gives extra oomph to your kitchen. 

Our four-door fridge has the biggest space and comes with an extra stylish touch on the outside. It has a blue light on the door handle that lights up as someone comes in close contact with the fridge, making it easier to open the door even under minimum light conditions. 

Long-lasting food freshness 

With extra space and style, our fridges also ensure that your food remains fresh and safe for a longer time. The Ag Clean filter with silver deactivates about 99.9% bacteria and molds, keeping the inside of the refrigerator clean and fresh. Active enzymes in the filter prevent unpleasant odors coming from fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. The vegetable box has optimum conditions with an air-tight structure, indirect cooling, high humidity (about 90%), and constant temperature. This mix keeps your vegetables and fruits fresh and juicy for seven days.  


Price range

Our refrigerators are available in a wide price range to help you pick the most suitable one. Starting from Rs.29,290/- for single door options and up to Rs.239,990/- for the four-door option. You will find many in-between ranges to suit your choice. Our price range ensures that we have the best product for you, whether you are living by yourself or in a large family. 


For over six decades since 1953, we have kept quality, consumer experience, and superior function at the heart of our product. Get Japan’s No. 1 appliances brand for your home today! 


*Please visit the nearest Panasonic store or call us for details about the features in each specific model and prices. 


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