Making Lives Better for Every Home in Nepal

"Making lives better for every home in Nepal” and giving back to our people with a greater purpose is the motto on which Triveni thrives.

An amalgamation of many attributes such as the right people at the right place, solid infrastructure of systems and processes among a few are essential behind making a successful company.

After completing my education abroad and returning to Nepal, it was a complete 360° turn. However, I truly believed in the goals I aimed for. It was simple, we needed to have our beliefs and values in place. I could see that our people were walking a path, but they did not have the same destination. This was the Tipping point where we set up a hub/space with a great workforce team in place with an abundance of guidance, detailing and a good ecosystem with systematic procedures involved which enabled each one to walk our paths, and finally, we were all working together towards one common goal.

I believe that the best ideas come from within each company, the inner self and the work culture inspire and unleash that potential. At Triveni, we work towards discovering each individual while continuously refining their abilities and skills by providing a platform to grow.

In an individuals journey, it is the hard-work, compliance, and integrity the person puts in and aims at results, but if that journey of life is mundane without any rewards or recognition it becomes dull and repetitive, however, to make it relevant we have in place definite mechanisms where each employee is recognized and appreciated aiming at a dynamic culture by exceeding to the best of their capacity.

Here at Triveni we strongly believe in the philosophy that "empowering our people" will enable us to serve our customers in the best manner and that nothing is accomplished without facing challenges in life, overcoming them with a sense of balance, making them resilient and creating that culture of instilling the dynamics within each one of our employees is the key.

Today at times of distress I want to focus that it's the humility within us that enables us to survive in any circumstances. These big shifts are creating anxiety and business disruptions in the whole wide world but today with our business intelligence and data accuracy, we are being able to respond to market needs faster and diligently nonetheless,

I want to express my love and gratitude and that how humbled I am with the efforts, contributions and support of my people; Without whom we cannot stand Tall.

Managing Director Mr. Shailesh Sanghai