Here at TBC, we strive to add value to our stakeholders, employees and associates through sustainable growth by harmonizing and optimizing its resources.

We attempt to guide every aspect of our business exercising highest level of corporate governance within the framework of statute, law and approved modus operendi to ensure the credibility and transparency of all core business processes.

Anuj Goel

Senior General Manager-Finance

Finance is the apex function for the concern, responsible for acquiring funds, managing funds, and planning for its resources for optimum utilization keeping all the departments (roots) of the concern in harmony, which ensures the achievement of its goals and objectives.

Analyzing the both credit and collections, it creates the harmony between payment and receivables through collective perception including the analysis of tax implications of various managerial decisions in an attempt to minimize the taxes. I am glad to be the part of all these functions at TBC.

Gagan Bajracharya


In today’s business world, corporate ethics, accountability and compliant with various laws and regulation are front and center. An effective and well compliant team can save the organization's reputation and protect its bottom line. It helps to identify and mitigate risk for a company by ensuring the company and employees comply with all external industry laws and government regulations as well as internal bylaws and policies.

Here at TBC, we are been able to embodying these traits and accelerate the process of building relationships, earning trust, and gaining respect in the market.

Kashindra Karna


An important part of running a business is establishing good financial procedures and systems to monitor the financial health of the business and ensure that we meet our expectations of employees, shareholders and governments.

It’s our role to know the business is financially sustainable and having the confidence to make important financial decisions incorporating financial compliance requirements. We at TBC are at good practice to review our financial statements on a monthly basis which enables us to identify problems and put strategies in place to fix them. 

Prakash Jain


Personal well being is equally important as professional wellbeing. I have been fortunate to have been holding a crucial accounting position at TBC for quite some time now, which can be a little challenging at times. To ensure that I maintain my calm, there are some personal routines that I follow.

Before going to bed, I remember all my to dos first and whether or not I have accomplished them for the day. Then I reflect on the mistakes I have made so I do not repeat them tomorrow. Then I remember the good that I have done so that I can do them even better tomorrow. All this I do so I can be the better version of me every single day.

Ravi Kant Rohilla


I have been in finance department for one and half years only. In the beginning it was hard and stressful for me to conduct day to day work. But as time passed and with the support of seniors and friends I was able to meet my goals and flourish in my field of work.

It has been great journey for me personally. There is nothing more satisfying than when the seniors give positive response to your ideas and feedback.

Raju Pokhrel

Sr. Executive-Finance

Human Resource

At TBC, we're dedicated to building a culture in which our employees feel challenged and rewarded, and have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. We also emphasize professionalism, responsibility and accountability. We foster a work environment that respects – and builds on the many strengths of – the diversity of our people.

To spark the most innovative practices, we seek employees who are not afraid of failure. We commit to keep the highest standards for employee treatment and development and use the HR Management Philosophy as our model for employee management within TBC.

Shiva Shankar Nanju

Sr. Manager-HR

In the year 2012, I first stepped in this organization, to attend the interview for the job at operation department, for entry level. I was very excited, thrilled and nervous regarding my interview, as I was very new and fresher with no experience in office work. My luck and prayer worked, and I was selected for the job, from then I gave my full effort to accomplish the responsibilities given to me.

The entire team of Triveni Byapar is like a family, that I never felt difficult or odd with. I remember the time I was too ill, and hospitalized for a long period, I am very thankful to the company that it trusted me evern in such a difficult time and always cared for me, and gave me a second chance. 

Anita Maharjan

Asst. HR Manager

Working at Triveni is mixture of emotions which is filled with fun and challenges. All the team members of every department are like a family and help each other. Majority of my day is spent on ensuring that every task that is assigned to the department heads or any concerned person happens on time so that the organization can incrementally achieve its larger vision.

Working under Shailesh sir’s supervision, I have got an opportunity to learn new things and enhance my capabilities.

Smriti Shrestha

Executive Assitant

म त्रिवेणी मा काम गरेको दस वर्ष भयो। यहाँ मैले निकै नयाँ अनुभव  प्राप्त गरेको छु । यहाँ सबै जना मिलिजुली एक परिवार जसरी काम गर्छन् । हामी एकअर्कालाई मदत गर्छौं । हाम्रो यही एकता को कारण ले  हामी बीचको सम्बन्ध राम्रो छ।

Renuka Shrestha

Pantry In Charge

म हरेन्द्र कुमार राय त्रिवेणी व्यापार कम्पनी मा काम गरेको दुई वर्ष पाँच मिहिना भई सकियो। मैले याे कम्पनी मा मंसिर चार गते साल दुई हजार तीहतार मा काम गर्न शुरू गरे को हो। मैले त्रिवेणी व्यापार कम्पनी काम गर्दा धेरै कुरा नया कुरा पनि सिखे काे हो । म त्रिवेणी व्यापार कम्पनी मा काइन्तिङ मा काम गर्दै छु। मलाई यो कम्पनी मा काम गर्दा धेरै राम्रो लागि राहा छ।यो कम्पनी मा काम गर्न सपै जना एक परिवार जस्तो मिले र काम गर छु।त्यही भएर हामी स्पै जना को संबंध राम्रो छ।मैले यो कम्पनी मा काम गर्दा धेरै नयाँ अनुभव पनि प्राप्त गरेको छु।।

Harendra Kumar Ray

Pantry Executive


For me sales is providing our solutions to every home in Nepal while connecting with our company's purpose every moment of the process. Yasuda is a name synonymous to quality and durability. We are able to cater to all kind of house hold appliances requirement across country.

We believe in supporting the family by providing access to quality life. We wish to meet expectations and strive better solutions with availability for every individuals.

Jitendra Bahadur Singh

General Manager-SHA

During my 8 years in TBC, there is one thing that I am the most proud of. It is the realization that understanding emotions of consumer and then truly connecting with those emotions as people and not a company is the only determinant of sucess of any brand. 

I have tried to instill this in every team member becasue people buy from people and not the company. Maybe it is because of this principle that everyone of us follow, we have been able to be one of the most trusted brands in Nepal as we continously strive to making lives better for people we serve. 

Bishal Mahatara


My sales career originally started with my first job in Triveni Byapar Company itself. I had brief association with other companies in between but fate had it that Triveni pulled me in again and 15 years had passed in the process. I have found my comfort here owing to the culture, friendly colleague and management. Triveni is driven by a core purpose and all team members live by that purpose, which is something a lot of other organizations are missing.

This constant strive to fulfill our core purpose is also reflected in all my sales team due to which my job is much easier. Another thing that I absolutely love about this job is meeting new people and building lasting relationships with them.

Suran Shrestha


बजार ब्यबस्थापनको दौरानमा खच्चरमा सामान बोकाएर बेनी देखि मुस्ताङ सम्मको यात्रा मेरो जिन्दगी को लागि अबस्मरनिय छ।

2058 सालको कुरा हो।
सुर्खेत बाट कालिकोट ट्याक्टरमा रिटेलिं गर्नको लागि हिँडियो। पहाडको कच्ची बाटो बेलारस ट्याक्टर, क्यासेटमा घन्किरहेको गित, उकालो ओरालो, ओरालो कटे पछि आएको बजार बजारमा पुगेर हेर्दा पछाडिको टेलर 5 किलोमिटर परैखुस्केर झरेछ।

Rajendra Dahal


The greatest motivation for me is that each day I have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact to our dealors/ partners business. Our success is directly correlated to their success, and thus we must be a motivated business partner.

Never give up! You may have been turned down by ten prospects in one day, but that eleventh phone call could be the one that helps you score your biggest deal of the month.

Sanjeeb Poudel

Deputy NSM-Sansui

मेरो १० सालको से‌‌ल्सको करियर मा ६ सालबाट यस त्रिबेणि कम्पनि सगँ आबदं छु र सुरुबाटनै यासुदा ब्रान्ड हेरिरहेको छु।यासुदा एक सफल ब्रान्ड हो र ग्राहक र डिलर बाट बिस्वस्नियता कमाईसकेको ब्रान्ड हो।यासुदा यसको क्वालिटि र सर्विसले गर्दा यो सबै सामु बिस्वस्नियता कायम गर्न सफल भयेको हो।मैले सुरुगर्ने बेलामा यासुदको मार्केट्  हिस्सा कम थियो तर आज निकै धेरै भैसकेको छ ।

सेल्स भनेको एक कला पनि हो।बिक्री कर्ता ले उत्पादन सगै उस्को आचरण (विहेवियर) पनि सगसगै बिक्री गरिएको हुन्छ।

Rabin Bhattarai

Deputy NSM-Yasuda

For me work is everything. I always try to give my ? % to work and try to complete whatever is assigned in the given time period. Now where I stand and where I am, everything I have got from my work.

The most unforgettable memories of my life is when I got a chance to visit Europe along with the team. It really was a dream come true for me For whatever I am, me and my whole family are totally grateful to TBC.

Sushil Thapa

Deputy Manager-Sales

In my sales experience, I have encountered many things. One thing that I still remember and smile is that once I walked from Mahendranagar to Darchula on foot for 15km carrying my bag just to see if I could find any prospects and I did manage to do some sales as well.

Things like these makes a salesperson even stronger. I hope to continue sales profession with same passion in coming days too.

Ravindra Dhaka

Deputy Manager-Sales

यस त्रिबेणि ब्यापर कम्पनीमा सेल्समा काम शुरु गरेको एक महिना नबित्दै एउटा दुर्घटनामा म र मेरो सहपाठी सुरेश दवाडी जि घाईते भयौ ।धादिङ कोइराला इन्टरप्राईजेज को परफर्मेन्स बोण्ड लिएर राजधानी फर्कने क्रममा सतुङ्गलमा दुर्घटना भएको थियो। सुरश जि अति नै सामान्य घाईते हुनुहुन्थ्यो भने मलाई चाहिँ नर्भिक अस्पतालमा भर्ना गरियो।

भर्ना भएको भोलिपल्टै नर्भिक अस्पतालमा कम्पनीका म्यानेजिङ डाईरेक्टर श्री सैलेश संघाई,राशी संघाई र पल्लवी जि सम्पुर्ण अफिसको तर्फबाट शिघ्र स्वास्थलाभ भरी कार्ड लिएर अस्पतालमा आउँदा धेरै नै खुशी भए जुन मेरो यो सेल्सको जिवनमा अविस्मरणीय क्षण रहेको छ। त्यो क्षण यो अर्थमा पनि खुशी र अविस्मरणीय थियो कि हरेकले मेरो कम्पनीको जस्तो मिलनसार र हरेक कर्मचारीलाई आफ्नो परिवार ठानी माया र स्नेह बाड्ने कमै संचालक हुने गर्दछन।

Rameshwor Pokharel

Asst. Manager-Sales

जिवन संघर्ष हो, विश्वकाे कुनैपनि प्रोफेस्सन चुनौतीपूर्ण छन् त्यस्तै सेल्स प्रोफेस्सन पनि चुनौतीले भरिपूर्ण छ।हरेक छेत्रको आ-आफ्नो काम गर्ने पाटो हुन्छ त्यस्तै यस्को पनि आफ्नै, जस्तो ४प Product, Place, Price, Promotion को सहि समिस्रणसहित बजारमा प्रस्तुत हुनु आफैमा चुनौती हो।Dealers को expectation र कम्पनी को पोलिसी लाई मिलाई दुबै पछको साजेदरी गराउनु हरेक सलेस्मन को मुख्य ठुलो जिम्मेवारी हो। 

कम्पनी ले दिएको प्रत्येक बर्ष महिना वा दिन वा घण्टा को Target पुरा  गरेर आफू प्रतिको कम्पनी को विश्वासमा खरो उत्रनु सक्नु ठुलै दायित्व हुन आउछ।  

Hem Bahadur Shrestha

Asst. Manager-Sales

जुनसुकै प्रकृतिको कम्पनी हुन त्यस्ले उत्पादन गर्ने बस्तु र कर्मचारी/ग्राहकलाई दिने  सेवाको गुणस्तरको आधारमा त्यो कम्पनी राम्रो वा नराम्रो भन्ने मुल्यांकन सेल्स पर्सनले गर्नु पर्छ । टयाक्स /भ्याट छल्ने, कामदारलाई शोषण गर्ने,नाफाको लागि निम्न गुणस्तरीय सामान उत्पादन गर्ने कम्पनीले जस्तो सुकै Marketing Strategy अपनाए पनि त्यो कालन्तरमा  टिक्न सक्दैन ।

कम्पनीले जब देश /समाज र ग्राहकप्रतीको "Business Ethics " भुल्छ तब ढिलो चाडो टाट पल्टने निस्चित छ । तसर्थ सेल्स पर्सनमा ठिकलाई ठिक र गलतलाई गलत भन्ने बिबेक र "नैतिक साहस " हुनु  पर्छ  र आफु काम गर्ने कम्पनी छान्दा " Business Ethics" र देश-समाज र मानबता प्रती जिम्मेवार कम्पनी छान्नु पर्छ ।

Lochan Baral

Asst. Manager-Sales

मैले त्रिबेणी ग्रुपमा काम गर्दा बिताएको अविस्मर्निय क्षन भनेको यस कम्पनीले बिगत केहि बर्ष आगाडी दिपावलीको बेला मिठाइ र राइस कुकर उपहार योजना को क्रम मा मैले तुलसीपुर दाङ्ग हुदै लमही र पिउठाँन हुदै उपहार योजनाको सामान बाड्ने क्रम मा सो उपहार बाडदै हिड्दा रात परेको पत्तै भएन काम गर्ने क्रम मा समय बितेको पत्तै भएन। पिउठाँन बाट फर्किदा जंगल को बाटो हुदै आउदा रात को ९. ३० बजेको थियो बाटो सुनसान , पेटमा भोक ले मुसा कुदेको थियो कतै कुनै पसल खुल्ला थिएन मन मा एक किसिम को डर र त्रास थियो । धन्न एउटा एम्बुलेन्स आउदै रछ र तेस्को पछि पछि रात को ११. ४५ मा बुटवल आइपुगियो। मेरो हेडक्वाटर बुटवल हुदा नेपालगन्ज मा नया डिलर खोल्नु पर्ने भएको ले म नेपालगन्ज ज तुरुन्त जानुपर्ने भयो तेसै दिन बुटवल मा आन्दोलन का कारण कर्फ्यु जारि थियो तेस्तो अवस्थामा गाडी को सिट नपाएर बस को छत् मा तेयो पनि मद्य जाडो को याम मा रत भरि बसको छत् मा यात्रा गरेर बिहानी पख नेपालगन्ज पुगेर नया डिलर बजरंग इलेकट्रोनिक्सको एग्रिमेंट गरियो । एस कम्पनी ले मलाइ योग्य ठानेर एक साताको बिदेस भ्रमण पनि पठायेको थियो र म सहित नेपालका ८ वटा डिलर का मेम्बरहरुलाई खुसि साथ् घुमाएर सकुसल मात्रि भुमि आइयो। मैले यस कम्पनी मा कामगर्दा यी क्षनहरु मेरो जीवन मै कैले नबिर्सने क्षनहरु हुन्।

Aalok Hajary

Sr. Officer-Sales

When i joined in TBC for showroom sales, I got a chance to explore my sales knowledge and experience. I have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact directly to the customers as I have to respond to their queries on a regular basis. 

Customer relationship is very important to maintain so that they keep on coming back owing to our service and the treatment we do. However, a very important factor in all this that we really need to know our products well else we are not derserving to carry the name of TBC in the showroom.

Anish Ghimire

Sr. Officer-Sales

As a sales person, I feel that every day is a new day!!!

Chasing Sales/Achievement in given time I learned a lot of things in my real life too. Most important of those learnings are the learnings of discipline, value of time and importance of team work. 

In my journey of sales I have met number of people, visited new places, and understood different mindsets. 

Rupesh Ram Tripathi

Sr. Officer-Sales

Since I am from teching field based on my acedemic background, I many not have that much of theoritical knowledge of sales. However, being involved in the sales field since last four years, taught me that sales is just not selling & buying. Sales is art of communicating your perspectives and ideologies very clearly, so that one can be convinced and is in your trust. 

Every single person in this world is sales person and is doing sales in his daily life knowingly or unknowingly. 

Yogendra Kumar Adhikari

Sr. Officer-Sales

साधारण अर्थमा बिक्रि भनेको कुनै बस्तु तथा सेवा उपलब्ध गराउनु हो र त्यस को बदला मा रुपैया पैसा लिनु हो। बस्तु बिक्रि को लागि बिक्रेता र क्रेता बिच मेल हुनु पर्दछ। बस्तु बिक्री को लागि बिक्रेता ले बस्तु को प्रकृति र उपभोक्ताहरुको रुचि ,प्रकृति एवम स्वभाव ,बस्तु को गुणस्तर बस्तु को मुल्य निर्धारण ,समय पहिचान , बजार र बजार संरचना बस्तु उपलब्धता (service ), brand call का लागि भयेका गतिविधि ,बजार मा आफ्नो मार्केट् share  टिकाइ राख्न भयेका गतिबिधी, प्रतिस्पर्धी बस्तुले बजारमा गरेका गतिविधि एवम बस्तु बिक्री को लागि गरियेको बिज्ञापन गतिबिधी मा विशेष ध्यान दिनु पर्छ।

बजारमा यदि आबस्यक गतिविधि गर्न सकियेन भने  गुणस्तर बस्तु को समेत खरिद एवम बिक्रि हुन सक्दैन। साथै बस्तु सस्तो हुदैमा समेत खरिदबिक्री हुदैन तसर्थ बस्तु तथा सेवा खरिद बिक्रि को लागि सहिसमय मा आबस्यकता अनुरुप market strategy परिवर्तन गर्नु पर्छ।

Hari Prasad Dhakal

Sr. Officer-Sales

TBC has provided me with a platform to hone my skills as a salesperson. In a country like Nepal, sales is more about a deeper level connection with the people that are our customers. O

nce this connection is properly established they will be happy to entertain you as a product seller. So sales is actually a second step which is followed by knowing the customers first. Once that is accomplished, everything is sorted.

Deepak Pandit


Sales are activities related to selling or the number of goods or services sold in a given targeted time period. The seller, or the provider of the goods or services, completes a sale in response to an acquisition, appropriation, requisition, or a direct interaction with the buyer at the point of sale.

Salespeople have one of the hardest jobs in the world to do. They deal with rejection on a daily basis. Making a sale comes down to powering through call after call, email after email, and ‘no’ after ‘no . Thank you !!!

Jagadish Karki


कुनै पनि उत्पादन भएको बस्तु बा सेवा लाई क्रेता सम्म पुरेउनु र क्रेता लाई उपभोग गर्न लगाउनु Sales हो ।

Sales person भयर आफ्नो कम्पनीको बारेमा जानकरी दिने, बस्तु को विशेषताहरु बारेमा जानकरी गराउने, आफ्नो कम्पनीको नीति नियम, कम्पनीको बस्तुमा छुट कम्पनीले दिने बोनस को बारेमा जानकारी गराउने, क्रेतालाई राम्रो सग बुजेर उसको इच्छा चाहना पूरा गर्ने कोसिस गर्न साथै sales को सबैभन्दा महत्त्वपूर्ण कुरा service को बारेमा क्रेता लाई जानकरी गराउने हो।

Anjan Dhakal


I am proud to be associated with Triveni Byapar Company as a salesman. Everyday I get to make new connections and build relationships with dealers and other customers which is immensely satisfying.

Sales is also a challege as we need to be very meticulous about our product knowledge, after sales service, without ensuring which we won't be able to to maintain the best customer experience. We have to leave our comfort zone many times but in the end everything pays off.

Sudip Panthi


As a sales person of triveni products for customers from Janapur to Chitwan area, I have to travel a lot. We get to know a lot of people, interact with lot of cultures, understand their sentiments and translate all that into results or sales for the company. 

What I have understood is that unless you really understand the needs of the customers and connect with them at emotional level, sales is going to be just a temporary transaction of goods for money. 

Sujan Pokharel


तपाईं त्यो कार्य गर्नुस जसले तपाईलाई पुर्ण आत्मसन्तुष्टि दिनेछ। त्यसैले मैले पनि त्यो कार्य रोझे जसले म अनि मेरो परिवार सन्तुष्ट छ। अवसरहरु न आएको होइन तर पनि मलाई यो सेल्सको पेशाले आफुलाई कन्फिडेन्ट बनाउदै जिवनमा केही बन्ने प्रेरणा दिएको छ। हुन त यो पेशामा लागेको मेरो एक दुई बर्ष मात्रै भएता पनि सामान बिक्री गर्दै र सामान ब्रान्ड अनि बिक्रीकलाको एक एक पाठ सिक्न मलाई हरेक दिन एक एक अवसर लाग्द्छ। त्यसैले मैले यो मेरो पेशालाई मेरो आत्मसम्मान र मेरो ब्यक्तिगत प्रगतिको पथ मान्दै अगाडी बढ्ने सन्कल्प लिदै सिनियर लेभलका अग्रजहरुबाट पाठ र शिक्षा लिदै आफू, आफ्नो परिवार र समाजलाई केही योगदान दिनेछु।

Akash Panthi

Sr. Executive-Sales

Business Intelligence

Data has given firms an opportunity to create change as never seen before. TBC is one of the first Nepalese firms that has realized this potential and fully digitized all its operations.

The Business Intelligence team provides the right expertise to teams and management to analyze data, develop strategic recommendations and builds tools to optimize and improve reporting and operational processes.

Khusboo Agrawal

Sr. Business Analyst

B2B Department

B2B Sales is ever changing. Today you need to know the exact need of your customers and should be able to offer the products according to their precise requirements. Its all about the relation with your clients. You have to offer not only the best products at competitive price, but also the communication and cutting-edge services in all related areas.

TBC understands this change very well and gives us the leverage to go out of the box to serve our valuable clients. At TBC, we don't only make sales but we make relations. Relations that last for lifetime between our customers and the company.

Aayush Kedia

Deputy General Manager-B2B

Our department has always lived by a very deeply rooted customer focussed approach when providing any solution to the clients. This translates into an unmatched service delivery by things like detailed technical analysis of the project, working extra hours to help the customers to make a bid, going that extra mile to help the department make a pitch.

All these are very natural to all members of my team and I am really glad to be a part of the whole corporate sales and marketing ecosystem of Triveni Byapar Company.

Manish Nidhi


I started my career as a corporate sales executive 5 years ago. In my initial days, I remember just randomly visiting corporate offices, hotels under construction, or any prospective building with hopes of some leads. 

In doing so there has been a deep sense of customer service engrained in me, which hopefully has made me very sensitive to the needs of my client. I hope I continue to learn more and provide even better customer experience to the clients that have worked so hard to build.

Srijana Niroula

Deputy Manager-B2B

I started from an intern in B2B department to a full time sales executive. I have to admit that my initial days in TBC was a little stroppy but as it is said, a welcoming and supportive work environment is a key to how much effort an employee contributes to the organization.

While I am still learning and getting hold of things, the major learning so far is that the secret ingredient to getting forward is getting good at hearing “no”. Triveni and B2B have now become an integral part of me with countless stories, memories and emotions.

Pamee Bajracharya

Sr. Officer-B2B

Working in B2B is a kind of fun. You get to interact with different clients with different natures from different places. I personally have been involved in B2B since 2.5 years.

In the beginning it was tough. But as the time passed I got oppotunity to learn new things like information about the products, handling the clients, managing the time to work in a calm way. Calm Interaction with the clients and time management are the two key factors for sucess in my department. 

Rupesh Dulal



The process of nurturing a brand and make it known to the world can feel either overly satisfying or overwhelmingly difficult. I feel the only determinant to this is the no. 1 P of marketing i.e PRODUCT. With this understanding, TBC strives to never compromise on the quality of products and the associated services.

That is why Yasuda is one of the most trusted homegrown brands of Nepal. We hope that we are making lives better for people in Nepal by doing our part of providing the most value for money products with the best cusotmer support service.

Sanjog Mishra

Sr. Manager-Marketing

Yasuda being our homegrown brand is very close to our hearts. We, the members of the marketing department are working to shape and give personality to the brand.

As marketers, we are continuously connecting with customers and speaking on behalf of the brand. Through innovative marketing tools, we further aim to bridge the gap between our functional departments and customers. Thus provide the best experience to our customers.

Sefali Agrawal

Asst. Manager-Marketing

As a passionate dancer, I have always been inclined towards all forms of dancing. Triveni is probably the only company where I have in many ways been able to merge my work with my passion. Being the marketing executive of the company, I have been able to show my talents in various events that we keep doing.

Furthermore, Triveni has allowed me to keep chasing my dancing career by allowing flexible working hours for which I am so much grateful to the company. I really appreciate it from my heart, Triveni is Making Lives Better.?

Prakash Tamang



In modern context, Procurement Department is more than the Purchase Department. The term purchasing appeared in mid nineteenth century, when the industrial revolution was at the peak point of development. But until the late of twenty century the purchase department developed more than mere selecting, buying, receiving and delivery all commodities required.

It has evolved to active state. Purchasing nowadays plays an important role to achieve the competitive advantage. At TBC, are dedicated to bringing innovative products to the market and empower the consumers we serve.

Bajrang Mittal


Information Technology

“ We are DIGITAL ready!!, 

The use of ERP System within our company has helped us to achieve digital transformation. We have unlocked greater potential with it and it has enabled our business to be ready for future challenges by ensuring the maximum utilization of available resources. ERP has helped us to improve our customer services and maintain compliance with the prevalent laws.This digital transformation has helped bring more comfort and transparency across all verticals of the company.

Divash Chakraborty


One of the biggest drivers of a successful business is efficiency, and the ability to automate routine tasks is a great way to increase overall efficiency. By and large, the department is leveraging in providing the infrastructure for this automation.

We as a department have been able to create emergency response plans to protect the business from unforeseen problems, and constantly work to improve the entire company’s ability to function efficiently and effectively with the use of technology. 

Prabin Shrestha

Sr. Executive-IT


Sales is a matter of unnerving persistence without loosing the respect from the clients. This is possible only if you know your products and market well and you have the enough experience to answer the queries well. Even more important is how you can take care of your clients during service periods.

Regardless of this, it is all a matter of team effort because one person cannot do all things. I am very grateful to have a wonderful team of sales and operations in my division without which we would not be able to deliver an unmatched sales result every year.

Krishna Sharma

Business Head

TBC offers an excellent platform for fresh graduates. Passionate newbies are provided with systematic directions to learn and grow simultaneously in a disciplined way. SOPs are prepared with informed planning before commencing any project, which becomes a baseline.

Every steps thereafter is executed based on the same. This optimizes the project flow and helps acheive our work goals. This practice not only boost our work-life but also influences our personal behavior and motivates organizing proper plans and sticking to it for success.

Swechchha Paudyal

Sr. Executive-Operations


We believe in “Empower through results” which has empowered each one of us to do at our roles with complete responsibility.

Being a female employee, I have never felt that my decision or idea was not acknowledged due to gender biasness. TBC is the place where anyone can grow if have the potential to do so. Would like to thanks TBC for this professional growth.


Ankita Bagaria


म १५ बषको उमेर मा काठमाडौँमा आएको थिए। मैले २०७१ साल ‌‌साउन महिनाको १६ गते देखि स्टुडियो ७ मा जागिर खान थालेको थिए ।म पैला स्टुडियो ७ मा सेल्स प्लस,फोटो स्टुडियोमा काम गर्थी र बिस्तारै मेरो काम सबैले मन पराई दिनु भयो र मलाई २०७३ साल बैशाख महिना १० गतेको दिन त्रिवेणी व्यापार कम्पनिमा प्रमोशन गरीयो ।मलाई पैला केहि काम आउँदैन थियो न कम्युटर न ल्यापटप चलाउन आउँथ्यो। मलाई मनमा कुरा खेलिरहेको थियो किन मलाई स्टुडियोमा काम गरि रहेकोलाई किन माथि लिएर आउनुभएको होला भनेर। अाज म अाेपेरसन यगजुकेटिप सम्म पुग्न सफल भएको छु ।मैले धेरैनै मेहनत गरेको छु र आज म यो ठाउँ सम्म पुग्न सफल भए। त्रिवेणी व्यापार कम्पनिमा काम गरेको पनि ५ वष हुन लाग्यो ।त्रिवेणी व्यापारकम्पनि यस्तो कम्पनि हो जहाँ पढाई लेखाई लाई मात्र प्राथमिकता को रुपमा नलीकन व्याक्तिको काम गर्ने सैली र लगनशिलतालाई पनि प्राथमिकता दिईन्छ सायद मेरो कामलाई नहेरि पढाईलाई प्राथमिकता दिनु भाकोभए आजम याे ठाऊँमा पुग्ने थिएन।

Jayata Poudel


I remember my first day at TBC. I was 90% excited & 10% nervous to meet and work with my new colleagues and seniors. This was my second job. Time has passed and I have grown and I am still learning.

With a confidence and never give up attitude, I made this long journey in operations department. I am so happy to work with my colleague, they are like my sisters & brothers, and moreover I can say Triveni is my second home.

Poonam Dhungel


TBC for me stands for the seven letter word Success (See your Goal, Understand the obstacles, Create a positive mental picture, Clear your mind of self-doubt, Embrace the challange, Stay on track, Show the world you can do it). 

This is the spirit with which I would like to work every day at office. TBC is not only my office but the 2nd home where there are elders to guide, motivate and teach new things and friends that take care of you. 

Nilu Sharma


When I first got word for the interview in TBC, I was very nervous and afraid as it was a big platform. After passing the interview at first day and ss the days passed, my senior mentors taught me the ways of working and adding new responsibilities.

As of today I have worked for two years in this company and I have learned many things which not only enhance my skills but made me a better individual. I believe in hard work and labor. “Talent means nothing, while experience acquired with hard work means everything.”

Rajiv Shah


Supply Chain Management



Our service center is driven by the company's purpose which is making lives better for every home in Nepal. This is reflected in our service delivery in many ways. Sometimes we go even beyond the warranty period if the product needs servicing. We do this also because customer experience is our top priority.

We provide many parts free of cost to our customers if they are readily available with us. We are really proud of our technician network all over Nepal who are also helping our customers with the same principles.

Vinay Srivastava


For effective running of customer services we evaluate customer complaints, identify trends, make recommendations, and influence decisions based on observations. A crucial part to all this is a broad knowledge of the most current customer service policies and procedures.

In addition, we coordinate activities internally over a variety of departments to improve overall efficiency of service center. Proper forecasting of spare parts should be provided to the management so that timely procurement can be done. Along with this, we continuously strive to serve people in the remote areas so that every customer is taken care of.

Lokraj Joshi


I have been working in electronics field since 20 years. Its been two years that I am happily associated with Triveni Byapar Company as a senior technician in Service Center. All of us here here are very friendly and cooperative.

As a senior techinician, my work is primarily on led tv though I look at other products also. This is very gratifying to me when I can successfully repair and satisfy the customers associated with the product.

Naveen Shrestha

Senior Technician

As a store keeper, my job at Triveni Byapar Company is to fulfill the needs of technician by providing parts and assistance to them in order to satisfy the customers quickly. The working ennvoronment of service center is a very friendly, which constantly encourages me and continue to work even harder.

I like to take immediate action against the problems which accrue in parts or in technician field. Triveni has help me to develop my working acumen as store keeper by giving me chance to make mistakes as well.

Shekhar Balami

Store Executive

What I do is a little redundant because my daily job involves informing the issues of customers to the management department, maintaining stock parts, collecting photos and serial number of the products, making transfer orders etc. Despite the redundancy of my work, what gives me solace is the fact that I am helping make the customer service request resolution faster and in effect helping customers provide one of the best experiences in the industry.

I pride myself in the matter of punctuality to the customers and for being supportive to all the stakeholders in the service department.

Kabita Karki

Service Coordinator

As a customer relations manager, I answer questions and resolve problems. Although, we have access to responses for the most commonly asked questions and to specific guidelines for dealing with requests or complaints, it is not as easy as just responing in plain and simple way. There are cases that requires proper intuition and going out of the way to serve the customers. 

In the event that the representative does not know the answer to a question or is unable to solve a specific problem, a supervisor or other experienced worker may help.

Shova Sharma

CRM Executive

My job is to collect the problems and feedback provided by our friendly customers and dealers. This process of dealing with customer's issues, gives me a chance to work very closely with our consumers, which is very satisfying. What I am doing is really important for the company because how I behave is what the Triveni identity becomes.

I hope I continue to learn and be even more friendly and accomodative of all the needs of the consumers. In my working tenure, I have made many good friends and memories. Everyday working here has been an unique experience for me personally. There are many funny events and incidents worthy of remembering. 

Babita Karki

CRM Executive

I feel so grateful to work in TBC service center. Its been already 4 years and I keep on going with the same level of interest and motivation owing to the fact that TBC has such helpful pool of staffs and technicians that are very cooperative.

As a customer relations manager, my role is to connect customer queries to the right support personnel. The most gratifying aspect of this job is when the customers thank us for the prompt response and problem solving.

Shanti Sharma

CRM Executive


मै रवि कुमार मण्डल  त्रिवेणी ब्यापार कंपनी प्राइवेट लिमिटेड शाखा सतुंगल का मैनेजर हमें 11 साल हो गया इस कंपनी मे काम करते हुए. इस 11 साल मे हमारे कम्पनी मे काफी बदलाव दिखा गया है जैसे की पहले हमलोगो को ऑफ लाइन काम करना परता था जैसे की मैनुअल वैट बिल काटना स्टॉक बुक डेली मेन्टेन करना. डेली स्टॉक रिपोर्ट करना. अब ऑनलाइन होने से ये सारा काम आसान हो गया. यह सारा रिपोर्ट सॉफ्टवेयर दे देता है. Vat bill print मात्र करना परता है. तो पहले से काफी काम आसान हो गया. अब काम करणे मे भी अच्छा लगता है क्यों की सब सिस्टम से हो गया. अब हमारी कोई भी प्रॉब्लम का सलूशन काफी फ़ास्ट निकलता है. हम और हमारी टीम पुरे नेपाल मे सबसे फ़ास्ट डिलीवरी करने का पूरी तरह कार्यरत रहते है.

Ravi Kumar Mandal