Annual General Meeting 2019

Triveni Byapar held its AGM at Privé Nepal on 10th September, 2019. This yearly gathering of the company had a unique theme of Masquerade Ball and contained a series of interesting events. 

This was an opportunity to reflect upon our past year journey and set a target for the upcoming year. We acknowledged all individuals and teams for there extraordinary performance. We had creative awards like Rockstar Award, Rising star Award, Best Team Award and many more. 

Mr Shailesh Sanghai, Managing Director addressed the attendees and refelcted upon the milestones of the year 2075/76. He highlighted the implementation of the new ERP system, release of TVC for Yasuda with a full-fledged marketing team, and structual change in the organization.

All the milestones are reflection of the three core values of the company. We Before I, Empowerment through Result and Change is the only Constant.

In the direction of the Managing Director to stand by it's purpose of Making Lives better for every home in Nepal, the company has taken the outh to plant 5000+ trees in coming year.

The formal event was followed by great performances by our own collegues. We were all lit by good music and food.

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