FDR Nano

Fujifilm provides a new solution with compact digital X-ray cart system for critical moments you face everyday.


  • Ultra-lightweight, compact digital X-ray cart
  • "Virtual Grid" provides a high-contrast image without using a grid
  • Lightweight, easy insertion, waterproof/antibacterial Cassette DR
  • Main parts fully coated with new "Hydro Ag" technology


Patient friendly

  • For NICU
  • Ultra-high sensitivity system


Quick accessibility

For Emergency room




Innovation to the Workflow


Combining Fujifilm core technology of Cassette DR with image processing and compact Digital X-ray cart, we provide a innovation to the workflow of taking X-rays.



Maintaining Clean Equipments


For Operation room

Medical equipment surface tends to have high risk for transferring germs, and it is essential to maintaining clean equipments in Operation rooms.


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