Visionary Suite

Freedom and Flexibility in Imaging

The FDR VIsionary Suite combines a wide range of applications targeted to improve diagnostic capability and a precise design to facilitate imaging. With unique image processing functions that enhance quality while reducing the operational dose rate, the FDR Visionary Suite represents a new generation of functional X-ray systems — offering ease of operation with minimal impact for patients.

  • Compatibility with a Broad Range of Cassette DR Panels for Maximum Flexibility
  • Wide Array of applications to support diagnostics
  • Stress-free, Optimized Imaging Workflow



Smoothly and Surely Ensuring a Stress-free Imaging Environment

● Preparation

Completion of room preparation without touching the system
X-ray stand
X-ray table

● Patient Guidance and Positioning

Easily define the imaging position for each individual patient
Radiation field linking function
Simplified Generator Setting with an LCD touch panel

● Taking Images

Change conditions in the X-ray room using the touch panel
“Sound and light” notifies those away from the machine when an X-ray is being taken

Wide Range of Applications That Contribute to Improving Diagnostic Capabilities

● Tomosynthesis**

Freedom to reconstruct and display image slices
Automatic X-ray dose control and background reconstruction
High-precision, high-quality imaging to 150μm

● Energy Subtraction**

Separates images of soft tissue and bone for improved viewing
Controlling motion artifacts

● Long View Imaging**

Display full-length images of spine or lower limb

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