Yasuda 15 liter Storage Water Heater


Capacity: 25 liter

5 Years Warranty

ISO, ISI Certified


  • Superior polymer coating, 8 bar pressure, rust-proof body
  • Advanced 3 level safety. Heating element : Copper
  • Powerful heating element
  • Unique square body
  • Bee star rating: 5 star
  • Adjustable knob for temperature settings between 25 °c to 75°c for energy savings
Key Features
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    Fire Retardant Cable
  • h6
    Thermoplastic outer body
  • h6
    Instant Water Heater
  • h6
    ELegant Design
Colors Available
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Powerful Heating Element

Yasuda water heater have 1200 gm superior heating element for faster heating. It heats up the water to 45°C in 10 minutes.

Smart Energy Management

Smart design with standby cut off help consumes less electricity.

5 Star Rated Energy Efficient

High grade puff insulation ensure heat retention thus reducing your electricity bills.

8 Bar Pressure

8 bar pressure rating of Yasuda can withstand extreme pressure and is thus suitable for high rise buildings.

Advance 3 Level Safety

Yasuda is equipped with superior thermostat and cut out mechanisms that regulates water temperature and avoid its overheating by switching off the heating element when the desired temperature is reached.

Superior Polymer Coating

To prevent the tank from corrosion, Yasuda is equipped with superior polymer coated water tanks.

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