Yasuda 500 Watt Water Dispenser YS-HNC24SC


Capacity:500 Watt

Dimension : 330*320*950(mm)

Product Warranty : 1 Year

  • Hot,cold and normal water,hot water tap with safety lock
  • Automatic Thermostat technology, LED indicator · Stainless steel welding hot tank, with storage cabinet
  • 500 watt heating power and cooling power 90 watt
  • Over Current Protection, Anti-Electric Shock Protection
Key Features
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    Stainless Steel Tank
  • h6
    Water Drop Trap
  • h6
    Quiet Operation & Power Saving
  • h6
    Push Tap Design
Colors Available
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Child Lock For Hot Water Tap
1000 ml. Drip Tray
Automatic Water Temperature control
Zero - Spillover Design

Child Lock

Child safety press key is a child lock which is above the hot water tap to avoid burns.

Storage Cabinet

The storage cabinet has ample of space for cups to be placed. You don't need to now assist people to find cups in your kitchen as you can now store cups inside your dispenser.

Sleek design with ABS Plastic Body

The Yasuda water dispenser comes with a sleek and stylish design you can place it your office space, living area for dispensing water on the go. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a thermoplastic resin commonly used for injection molding applications. ABS plastic is known for its strength and performance at medium cost. The body of this water dispenser is made of ABS plastic.

3 Temperature Taps with Automatic Thermostat Technology

This water dispenser has three temperature taps which can provide you hot water, plain water and cold water at the same time. These taps have touchless paddles which ensures germ free water flow. Automatic Thermostat Technology, detects temperature changes ensuring that you get water at consistent temperature.

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